How to Think Like a Tester

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James Bach in a one-day seminar about How To Think Like A Tester: A Seminar For Agilists




What is testing all about? It's a way of thinking.

This one-day seminar with James Bach teaches you what this way of thinking is.


This is a workshop designed for people who are not testers and perhaps never wanted to be testers. Nevertheless, here you are, trying to create a good product for paying customers, and that means you need to find those bugs before it’s too late. This requires a certain mindset and skillset which most people have not practiced since they were children: an irreverent, critical way of thinking, rather than a constructive one. To develop software you must be positive; you must believe in quality. But to test software well, you must believe in the opposite of quality: failure, trouble, mistakes, unwelcome surprises. It's a way of thinking that cannot be directly reconciled with development, and yet, unless you do, your product will treat you to unwelcome and dangerous surprises.



Target audience

Anyone interested in testing.


One day seminar.

Testing is not about creating test cases-- although that is a common side-effect of testing. Instead, it's about exploring and reasoning about potential risk, which leads to experiments designed specifically to probe those risks.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • The Impossibility of Complete Testing and What To Do About It
  • Managing Critical Distance
  • The Four Frames of Testing on an Agile Project
  • The Use of Verification (“Output Checking”) and Why Testing is More Than Checking
  • The Elements of Thinking Critically About Software
  • Using the Heuristic Test Strategy Model


  • Location and dates: check the training calendar
  • Schedule: 9.15 - 17.00
  • Fee: € 695, excluding VAT
  • Coffee, tea, lunch and training material are included in the training fee
  • Information: phone +31 (0)40 – 202 1803 or e-mail opleidingen@improveqs.nl


Dates and location

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