ISTQB Expert Level ‘Improving the Testing Process - module Implementing Test Process Improvement'

You will learn everything in the field of test process improvement, according to the internationally recognized ISTQB standard.

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After this training:

  • You can lead a program to improve the test process, to identify critical success factors and manage them;
  • You take the right business driven decisions about implementing the approach to improve the test process;
  • You can implement test process improvements, linked to the intended business objectives;
  • You can analyse specific problems in the deployment of the test improvement process, also taking the (inter) people skills into account.


Become an expert in Test Process Improvement

In November 2002, the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) was founded with the objective to establish the further internationalization and harmonization of the test certification program. Meanwhile, there is a fully recognized and globally harmonized ISTQB certification scheme. The ISTQB testing certification program is divided into three levels:

  • Foundation Certificate
  • Advanced Certificate
  • Expert Certificate

At Expert level you can improve your skills in various directions. One of these directions is Improving the Testing Process. This level consists of two modules: Assessing Test Processes and Implementing Test Implementing Process Improvement. Someone who successfully completes both modules may consider him or herself an expert and can officially use the title Certified Tester Expert Level (CTEL).

Target audience

Who should attend this training?

The training is suitable for you if have reached an ‘advanced’ point in your career and want to develop your expertise in the field of test process improvement.

Roles of participants in their organization

This training is meant for those who want to become an expert.

A test expert is someone with a broad knowledge of testing in general, and an expertise in a specific area. With expertise we mean having knowledge, expertise and skills with which you are able to direct or influence a project or organization in the design, implementation and execution of test processes. In daily practice, you test manager or consultant.

Prior knowledge or training required

You possess the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Certificate.


Structure of this training

Where Foundation and Advanced level are about knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis go, the Expert level is about evaluation and creation. You follow three training days and also perform workplace assignments, based on your own case. You can instantly practice the theory.

The exam, a separate fifth day, consists of two parts: one part with multiple-choice questions and an 'essay style' part. If you score 65% or higher on the whole, you pass this exam.

Course outline

Test Improvement Plan

  • Setting Priorities
  • Developing an improvement approach
  • Planning the improvements
  • Acting to implement improvement
  • Selecting a pilot
  • Manage and control the implementation
  • Learning from the Improvement Program

Managing Change

  • Fundamental Change Management Process
  • Human factors in the Change Management Process

Organization, Roles and Skills

  • Test process group and individual roles
  • Remote Test improvement
  • Skills of the improver: Interviewing, listening, and note taking
  • Analytical skills
  • Presentation & reporting skills
  • Skills of persuation
  • Management skills

Critical Success Factors

  • Key success factors
  • Setting a culture for Improvement

Adapting to Different Life Cycle Models

Possibilities in-house training

Improve provides this training in house and tailored to your specific situation or needs upon request. For further information please contact us at +31 40 - 202 1803 or opleidingen@improveqs.nl.


Training information

  • Location and dates: check the training calendar
  • Schedule: 9.15 - 17.00
  • Fee: € 2.249, excluding VAT, excluding examination fee € 650
  • Coffee, tea, lunch and training material (a. o. the book “Improving the Test Process”) are included in the training fee
  • Three months free e-coaching
  • Information: phone +31 (0)40 – 202 1803 or e-mail opleidingen@improveqs.nl


Your trainer is Rob Hendriks

Dates and location

  • January 16th, 23rd, 30th, 2020, central location in The Netherlands Sign up »