Selenium Tester Foundation

You will learn about and practice with Selenium WebDriver to learn to create, run and maintain automated Selenium WebDriver tests.

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After this training:

  • You will be able to create and run Selenium WebDriver tests without supervision;
  • You can correctly apply test automation principles to build a maintainable test automation solution;
  • You will be able to choose and implement correct test automation tools;
  • You will be able to implement Selenium WebDriver scripts that execute functional web application tests;
  • You can manage and optimize testing assets to facilitate maintainability and address evolving (test)systems.


Automation with Selenium

The Selenium Tester Foundation is a practical training course aimed at test professionals who desire a basic understanding of Selenium WebDriver for creating web application tests.

In this three days training you’ll learn about Test automation basics, internet technologies for tests automation of web applications. You’ll learn how to use Selenium Webdriver and prepare maintainable tests scripts. You will learn about factors to consider when deciding to automate testing as well as specific techniques for navigation, interacting with GUI elements, logging, reporting, and more. Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be able to create and run Selenium WebDriver tests without supervision.

Target audience

Who should attend this training?

The training is aimed at people who already have achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop their expertise in test automation:

  • People with no test automation experience who are starting to automate in Selenium;
  • People who want to get a job in automating with Selenium;
  • People with some GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium or starting to automate in Selenium;
  • People with some non-GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium and starting to automate in Selenium.

Prior knowledge or training required

General knowledge of basic programming. General knowledge of Python.


Structure of this training

This is a three-day course with time for the exam on the third day. It consists of equal parts lecture/ demonstrations and hands-on exercises.  The certification exam is a 60-minute, 40 questions, multiple-choice exam.

With a score of 65% or higher you get the Selenium Tester Foundation Certificate.

Course outline

Test Automation basics

  • Test automation overview
  • Manual vs Automated
  • Success Factors
  • Risks and benefits of Selenium
  • Selenium in TA architecture
  • Metric collection
  • The Selenium Toolset

 IT for TA in Web applications

  • Understanding HTML and XML
  • XPath and Searching HTML docs
  • CSS locators

Using Selenium Webdriver

  • Logging and Reporting Mechanisms
  • Navigate to Different URLs
  • Change the Window context
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Locate GUI elements
  • Get the State of GUI elements
  • Interact with GUI elements
  • Interact with user prompts

Preparing Maintainable Test Scripts

  • Maintainability of test scripts
  • Wait mechanisms
  • Page Objects
  • Keyword Driven Testing

Application of the theory

  • The training combines exercises and theory.
  • During this training you will apply the things you learn on a real-life application

Possibilities in-house training

Improve provides this training in house and tailored to your specific situation or needs upon request. For further information please contact us at +31 40 - 202 1803 or opleidingen@improveqs.nl.


Training information

  • Location and dates: check the training calendar
  • Schedule: 9.15 - 17.00
  • Fee: € 1.495, excluding VAT, excluding examination fee € 200
  • Coffee, tea, lunch and training are included in the training fee
  • Three months free e-coaching
  • Information: phone +31 (0)40 – 202 1803 or e-mail opleidingen@improveqs.nl


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