Using Risk to Guide Testing

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James Bach in a one-day seminar about risk and how risk can guide your testing.




It seems obvious that the way to make testing more efficient is to focus where the risk is: don’t test places where there aren’t any bugs worth finding. But if you haven’t already found all the bugs, how do you know where they are going to be? It’s a chicken/egg problem. And how do you know when to stop testing? How much is enough?

This one-day seminar with James Bach sorts it out.


We can use various methods outside of performing tests to learn where some of the risk is, and we can use testing itself to learn about other aspects of risk. Over time risk comes into focus. This is not a process of calculation, but rather learning, exploring, and conversations that build a shared idea about what matters and what doesn’t matter so much. It’s a process that can be made systematic through the use of guideword heuristics, technical insight, and building up evidence about “risk drivers” that indicate trouble in your product.



Target audience

Anyone interested in Risk Analysis.


One day seminar, presentation and discussion about:

  • Aspects of Risk: unknown unknown risk, unknown risk, suspected risk, known low risk and known high risk
  • Risk Drivers: the factors that tend to create risk
  • Why risk is assessed rather than measured
  • Why testing itself should be thought of as risk analysis.
  • When do we stop testing?
  • What is a “Good Enough” product?


  • Location and dates: check the training calendar
  • Schedule: 9.15 - 17.00
  • Fee: € 695, excluding VAT
  • Coffee, tea, lunch and training material are included in the training fee
  • Information: phone +31 (0)40 – 202 1803 or e-mail opleidingen@improveqs.nl


Dates and location

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