Practical Test Strategy using Heuristics

Huib Schoots
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EuroSTAR Webinar, 13 September 2016

Learn how to quickly and easily create a clear test strategy that fits!

A thorough test strategy is the basis for every test project. A testing strategy provides structure and insight in the test coverage and traceability. It also needs to balance test automation and manual testing. But how do you make a good test strategy? And what makes a good test strategy? This webinar teaches participants to make a thorough and diversified test strategy based on the Heuristic Test Strategy Model (HTSM) from the Rapid Software Testing class taught by James Bach and Michael Bolton.

By looking at a number of practical examples, participants are introduced to the HTSM. This webinar will teach them how to use the HTSM when creating a test strategy. Afterwards there will be plenty of room to exchange experiences with test strategies, discuss the issues of daily practice and ask a lot of questions. In this webinar you learn how to quickly and easily create a clear test strategy that provides insight to all your stakeholders in your test approach, test coverage and the risks. It also guides the team to do efficient and effective testing.

Key Takeaways

  • See what makes a good test strategy
  • Learn how to make a thorough test strategy
  • Identify what is the ‘Heuristic Test Strategy Model’ is
  • Develop a solid test strategy that fits fast
  • Discover how diversification can help you to create a test strategy