Software Quality from a Business Perspective

Jos Trienekes en Erik van Veenendaal
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Language: English

Number of pages: 240

Kluwer Publishing, Deventer, The Netherlands


Software products play an increasingly important role in industry and society. Many organisations in the software industry have already spent considerable effort on quality improvement of their processes, products and services. However most of the work is done from a specialist or a technical point of view. This book adresses software product quality and the effectiveness of process improvement activities from a customer and business perspective. The book describes advanced software quality approaches and practical methods and techniques, including relevant case-study experiences.

The approaches, the methods and the techniques are positioned in a framework of four software quality domains. These domains are based on two distinctions, respectively the distinction between software products and software process, and de distinction between consolidation and continious improvement. The framework supports and enables the communication and decision making regarding quality assurance activities. The presented approaches, methods and techniques offer directions and opportunities for advanced an continious software quality improvement.