Management 3.0 Workshop


Management 3.0 is known for its tools and practices. In this Meetup, we are going to experience some of those tools by actually using them. Which tools? That will be decided by the attendees, by dot-voting we will decide together on order. It will be a time-boxed session, so we will not be able to experience all tools.

 We will start the meeting discussing what Management 3.0 is all about. However, we will quickly switch to the games and tools. 

 The games, practices and tools we could discuss are:

  • Delegation Board, delegation is not easy. Managers often fear a loss of control when considering to allow teams to self-organize, and creative networkers sometimes don’t know how to self-organize. A delegation board enables management to clarify delegation and to foster empowerment for both management and workers.
  • Moving Motivators, do you need to make a decision but are unsure about the effects on your motivation? Do you want to know what motivates your colleagues? Hiring a new team member and need to know what makes her tick? Moving Motivators can be used to identify the impact of motivation and how motivation is affected by organizational change.
  • Personal Maps, people should get closer to the work of others to better understand what is going on. They can do this by moving their feet, moving their desk, or moving their microphone. Decreasing the distance of yourself to others helps to increase communication and creativity. A great exercise for a better understanding of people is to capture what you know about them in personal maps.
  • Team Competence Matrix, the Team Competence Matrix is a tool to identify gaps between the current competencies of the team and the required competencies. It is a practice where a team can identify areas where it could and/or should improve knowledge. Based on a case, you are going to create your own Team Competence Matrix.
  • Change Agent Game; the game was originally published in How to Change the World booklet. This game consists of the 34 questions listed in How to Change the World. It was created to encourage players to respond to the questions on the cards and to share stories of successful change management processes.
  • Meddlers Game, named after a popular German board game, is a popular change management best practice. The exercise allows players to visualize and discuss organizational structure, in a way that matches the concept of value networks. It lets you work together as a team to determine your roles as you are managing change within your organization. It is a great tool to be used in sessions where teams have to self-organize their team structure.


Ralph is specialized in Management 3.0, being agile and building (distributed) agile software teams. Furthermore, he is the first person who wrote a book about Management 3.0 besides Jurgen Appelo. The book is called "Doing It - Management 3.0 Experiences" where Ralph shares his many experiences with Management 3.0 practices.

 Ralph is an independent Agile Coach at Agile Strides. He is an active member of the international Agile community and shares his insights and knowledge by speaking at conferences and writing blog posts. Since 1997 he fulfilled several roles within the ICT, mainly at ISV's, these vary from Developer, Test Manager, Scrum Master, Development Manager and VP Research and Development. Since 2004 he is already involved in Agile projects. 

More information about Ralph can be found on his LinkedIn Profile:


Tuesday April 17th 2018

Time: 17.30 - 21.00, at 17:30 there will be diner, at 18:00 the workshop will start.

Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 55a, 3744 MA Baarn

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