Big Data: What about quality?

We all heard about Big Data. But what is it, how do you gather it, and most of all: how do you determine the quality of Big Data? During this QBM Bjorn Hartog will present what he has learned from his research on behalf of Improve Quality Services. He will show how big data can be collected and ways to transform it into usable data. Factors which influence the quality play crucial part in this transformation. This session will not only be a one-direction presentation but an interactive session with room for discussion. If you are interested, please join.

Bjorn Hartog is a Business IT en Management student who had a work placement about this topic at Improve Quality Services in the period October 2017 – February 2018.

 At 17:30 there will be diner, at 18:00 the workshop will start.


  • Wednesday March 14th 2018
  • Time: 17.30 - 21.00
  • Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 55a, 3744 MA Baarn

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