Let's Get Visual

Nowadays testers need to be creative in their approach of working. Creating test strategies, test plans, test reports and test cases in the “old school” style is taking too much time out of actual testing and is not particularly collaborative. This workshop shows testers how to reduce the cost of testing, how to easily communicate their testing story and involve business analysts, programmers, users and others into their work with visualization. In our daily work as testers we use all kinds of automation tools to support our testing efforts. Among them are many visualization tools. But scientific studies show that sketching with a simple combination of pencil and paper might lead to better results. 

By means of hands-on exercises participants will learn how mind maps, drawings and graphics can be used directly in their daily work. Mind maps can also be used for a myriad of tasks and processes in testing. They can solve problems, can be used as frameworks, create lightweight test design and deliver dashboard style test results and test status. 
The participants will learn the theory behind visualization. The exercises will also trigger the brain through visualization, a first step in creating understanding. Understanding enables team decision making and team decision enables collaboration and agility. Learn how and why testers should think and work more visually. This workshop demonstrates various tools and techniques, often very basic and simple which can help visualizing while testing. The purpose of this workshop is to experience the power of drawing and how it benefits the iterative testing process.

Ruud Cox is a testing practitioner and teacher with a special interest in context analysis and modeling. He loves music, he draws things and writes with fountain pens in his notebooks. He is on twitter at @ruudcox.

At 17:30 there will be diner, at 18:00 the workshop will start.


Woensdag 8 november 2017

Tijd: 17.30 - 21.00

Locatie: Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan 30, 5613 AM Eindhoven

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